Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hello everyone!

just read about "
gimme your stuff" and i think it's really cool!

I'm residing in Singapore and i would like to receive gifts from all around the world. I have many awesome things that i can provide you with and i hope to get equally as fascinating things from you!

Things i'd like to receive in the mail:
  • mixtapes(rock/pop/alternative)
  • vintage tees
  • plain dresses
  • hoodies/jackets
  • band merchandise
  • food/candy
  • magazines/letters/postcards
  • cool stuff

I offer:

  • mixtapes
  • cds/vcds/dvds
  • clothing(tees/bottoms/almost any sort)
  • letters
  • books
  • candy/food/snacks
  • sports gear(shirts/shorts/shoes/socks etc.)
  • craftwork
  • toys
  • anything, you name it.

Thanks! wenjia.rocks@gmail.com.

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